The Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites

CGMS-36 agenda

  • Plenary day 1
Updated: 24/02/2017
A Introduction
A.1 Welcome
A.2 Election of Chairmaen
A.3 Adoption of Schedule
A.4 Nomination of Drafting Committee
A.5 Review of Action Items
Status of ESA actions CGMS-36-ESA-WP-05 24/02/2017
Review of Action Items CGMS-36-JMA-WP-01 24/02/2017
Review of Action Items CGMS-36-KMA-WP-01 24/02/2017
Review of WWWV Action Items CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-01 24/02/2017
Review of Actions Items CGMS-36-WMO-WP-13 24/02/2017
B Report on the status of current satellite systems
B.1 Polar Orbiting Meteorological Satellite Systems
Status of CMA Polar-orbiting Meteorological Satellites CGMS-36-CMA-WP-02 24/02/2017
Status of the EUMETSAT Polar System (EPS) CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-03 24/02/2017
Polar Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellites CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-02 24/02/2017
B.2 Geostationary Meteorological Satellite Systems
Status of CMS Operational Geostationary Satellites CGMS-36-CMA-WP-03 24/02/2017
Status of the Meteosat System (incl MSG-2) CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-04 24/02/2017
Status of Mulii-functional Transport Satellite (MTSAT) CGMS-36-JMA-WP-02 24/02/2017
Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-03 24/02/2017
B.3 Research and Development Satellite Systems
Status of CNSA Earth Observation CGMS-36-CNSA-WP-01 24/02/2017
Status of th HY-1B Satellite and its application CGMS-36-CNSA-WP-03 24/02/2017
Status of current ESA Earth Observation missions CGMS-36-ESA-WP-01 24/02/2017
Update of ALOS Status CGMS-36-JAXA-WP-01 24/02/2017
B.4 Anomalies from solar and other events
FY-2 Anomalies and Space Weather CGMS-36-CMA-WP-04 24/02/2017
Report on spacecraft anomalies from solar events CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-05 24/02/2017
Anomalies from Solar Events CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-04 24/02/2017
WMO and Space Weather CGMS-36-WMO-WP-14 24/02/2017
C Report on future satellite systems
C.1 Future Polar Orbiting Meteorological Satellite Systems
Plans for Post-EPS CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-06 24/02/2017
Future Polar-orbiting Meteorological Satellite System CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-05 24/02/2017
Future Polar orbiting satellite systems: Russian polar orbiting meteorological satellite METEO-M CGMS-36-ROSHYDROMET-WP-01 24/02/2017
C.2 Future Geostationary Meteorological Satellite Systems
Status of preparations for MSG-3 and MSG-4 CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-07 24/02/2017
Plans for Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-08 24/02/2017
Tentative Plans for Follow-on Satellites to MTSAT-2 CGMS-36-JMA-WP-03 24/02/2017
Update on COMS Program CGMS-36-KMA-WP-02 24/02/2017
Future Geostationary Meteorological Satellite System CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-06 24/02/2017
Future geostationary meteorological satellites: Russian geostationary meteorological staellite ELECTRO-L CGMS-36-ROSHYDROMET-WP-02 24/02/2017
Status of the IGEOLab Initiative for GEO-Microwave Background document: 'Proposal for the implementation of IGEOLab GEO-Microwave in the framework of the Chinese FY-4 M series' CGMS-36-WMO-WP-15 24/02/2017
C.3 Future Research and Development Satellite Systems
Status of CNSA Future Earth Observation CGMS-36-CNSA-WP-02 24/02/2017
Status of the future ESA Earth Observation missions CGMS-36-ESA-WP-02 24/02/2017
Global monitoring of essential climate variables CGMS-36-ESA-WP-03 24/02/2017
Update of GOSAT CGMS-36-JAXA-WP-02 24/02/2017
Update of GCOM Status CGMS-36-JAXA-WP-03 24/02/2017
Status of GPM and CEOS Precipitation Constellation CGMS-36-JAXA-WP-04 24/02/2017
Status of EarthCARE CGMS-36-JAXA-WP-05 24/02/2017
Future R&D satellites: Russian project Arctica for Space monitoring of the Artic Region CGMS-36-ROSHYDROMET-WP-03 24/02/2017
C.4 Reconfiguration of future combinations of LEO and GEO missions
D Operational continuity and reliability
D.1 Global planning, including orbital positions and reconfiguration of the space-based component of the GOS
EUMETSAT strategy - Contribution to climate and ocean monitoring CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-09 24/02/2017
The Space-Based GOS in 2008 (GOS-2008) CGMS-36-WMO-WP-16 24/02/2017
Vision for the GOS to 2025 CGMS-36-WMO-WP-17 24/02/2017
D.2 Inter-regional contingency measures
D.3 Long-term global contingency planning
E Satellite requirements of WMO and IOC programmes
E.1 World Weather Watch
CGMS Related Recommendations of the Implementation Plan for Evolution of the GOS CGMS-36-WMO-WP-18 24/02/2017
Tropical Cyclone Programme Requirements CGMS-36-WMO-WP-24 24/02/2017
E.2 Other WMO Programmes
Global space-based Intercalibration System (GSICS) Progress Report CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-07 24/02/2017
JCOMM Satellite Observational Requirements for Ocean Applications CGMS-36-WMO-WP-22 24/02/2017
WIGOS CGMS-36-WMO-WP-23 24/02/2017
Activities of the Space task Group on International Polar Year CGMS-36-WMO-WP-26 24/02/2017
E.3 IOC Programmes
Oceanographic information provided by ESA missions CGMS-36-ESA-WP-04 24/02/2017
F Working Group Reports
F.1 Reports from Working Groups I-IV
G Interaction with GEO
G.1 Applications of Meteorological Satellite Data for Environment Monitoring
Status of the EUMETSAT Satellite Applications Facilities CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-10 24/02/2017
The 2nd International Training Course on the Analysis of COMS Data in Korea CGMS-36-KMA-WP-09 24/02/2017
Characterisation of Future Channels and Sensors for Fire Monitoring CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-21 24/02/2017
G.2 Geonetcas/EUMETCast
Report on GEONETCast CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-11 24/02/2017
NOAA Support for the CGMS Virtual Laboratory Focus Group CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-08 24/02/2017
G.3 CGMS and GEO/GEOSS interactions
H Other Items of interest
H.1 Training
Report on EUMETSAT Training Activities CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-12 24/02/2017
Virtual Laboratory Activities and Experience of JMA CGMS-36-JMA-WP-07 24/02/2017
virtual Laboratory Training Strategy CGMS-36-WMO-WP-19 24/02/2017
Virtual Laboratory for Training in Satellite Meteorology and New Centres of Excellence CGMS-36-WMO-WP-20 24/02/2017
H.2 Information
H.3 Any other business
I Final Session
I.1 Nomination of CGMS Representatives at WMO and other meetings
I.2 Nomination of Chairmen of Working Groups for CGMS-37
I.3 Any Other Business
I.4 Summary List of Actions from CGMS-36
I.5 Approval of Draft Fianl Report
I.6 Date and Place of next meeting
G Working Groups
G.I Telecommunications
G.I/0 Introduction
G.I/1 Coordination of Frequency allocations: SFCG, ITU and WRC activities
Preliminary Consideration on FY-4 Frequency Network CGMS-36-CMA-WP-05 24/02/2017
General frequency management topics CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-15 24/02/2017
Status report on the prototyping on high rate DCP for MSG CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-16 24/02/2017
The Data Collection System in MTG: Preliminary considerations CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-17 24/02/2017
Result of WRC-07 and JMA's activities for WRC-11 CGMS-36-JMA-WP-04 24/02/2017
technical input to the SFCG and ITU-R CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-09 24/02/2017
Report from the WRC 2007 CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-10 24/02/2017
Report from the WRC 2007-Proposed Expansion of GOES-R DCS CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-11 24/02/2017
Outcome of the Space Frequency Coordination Group (SFCG) CGMS-36-WMO-WP-01 24/02/2017
G.I/2 Telecommuication techniques
G.I/3 Coordination of International Data Collection & Distribution
G.I/3.1 Status and Problems of IDCS
Status of the IDC CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-18 24/02/2017
Status of Mulii-functional Transport Satellite (MTSAT) CGMS-36-JMA-WP-02 24/02/2017
Status of the International Data Collection System (IDCS) CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-16 24/02/2017
G.I/3.2 Ships, including ASAP
G.I/3.3 Dissemination od DCP messages (GTS or other means)
G.I/4 Future use of IDCS
Future use of IDCS CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-19 24/02/2017
G.I/5 Search and Rescue (S&R)
G.I/6 Conclusion and preparation of WG report
G.II Satellite Products
G.II/0 Introduction
Estimated performance of products from typical satellite instruments CGMS-36-WMO-WP-05 24/02/2017
G.II/1 Image processing techniques
Activities of FY-3 Products Development CGMS-36-CMA-WP-06 24/02/2017
Curent use of IDV/HYDRA and intended use of McIDAS-V at EUMETSAT CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-28 24/02/2017
G.II/2 Satellite Data Calibration and Validation
CMA Activities in inter-calibration CGMS-36-CMA-WP-07 24/02/2017
GSICS scientific achievements 2007/2008 CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-20 24/02/2017
GSICS data management achievements 2007/2008 CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-21 24/02/2017
JMA's GSCIS and R/SSC-CM activities CGMS-36-JMA-WP-05 24/02/2017
KMA's GSICS Activities CGMS-36-KMA-WP-04 24/02/2017
NOAA Report on Satellite Calibration Anomalies CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-12 24/02/2017
Report on Aircraft Campaigns with SI Traceable Instruments CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-13 24/02/2017
Assessment of Instrument Performance from NOAA Websites CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-14 24/02/2017
Best Practice for Pre-Launch Characterisation and Calibration of Instruments for Remote Sensing CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-32 24/02/2017
G.II/3 Vertical sounding and ITWG matters
EUMETSAT strategy - Contribution to climate and ocean monitoring CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-09 24/02/2017
Current Status of teh Satellite Data Assimilation in KMA CGMS-36-KMA-WP-05 24/02/2017
Report on the Need of High temporal and Spectral Infrared Measurements CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-15 24/02/2017
Climate Data Anomalies and Trends CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-17 24/02/2017
International TOVS Study Conference (ITSC) Summary CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-18 24/02/2017
NOAA Reoprt on Website Addresses of Research Climate Products Presented at CGMS-35 CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-31 24/02/2017
G.II/4 Precipitation and IPWG matters
Status of/report on precipitation estimation and validation activities CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-23 24/02/2017
Status and Plans of GPM CGMS-36-NASA-WP-01 24/02/2017
GPM Precipitation Estimation and Validation Activities CGMS-36-NASA-WP-02 24/02/2017
Precipitation Estimation and Validation at CMA CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-08 24/02/2017
NOAA Precipitation Estimation and Validation Activities CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-19 24/02/2017
Report on the International Precipitation Working Group CGMS-36-WMO-WP-04 24/02/2017
G.II/5 Atmospheric Motion Vectors and IWWG matters
Activities to Improve AMV Products CGMS-36-CMA-WP-09 24/02/2017
Polar CAP Winds AVHRR onbaord Metop-A CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-24 24/02/2017
Report from the 9th INternational Winds Workshop CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-25 24/02/2017
Status and recent activities on Atmospheric Motion Vectors at JMA CGMS-36-JMA-WP-06 24/02/2017
Current Status of Atmospheric Motion Vector at KMA CGMS-36-KMA-WP-07 24/02/2017
International Operational AMV Algorithms Comparison Study CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-20 24/02/2017
G.II/6 Cloud and dust related parameters
Operational Analysis of Asian Dust at KMA CGMS-36-KMA-WP-08 24/02/2017
G.II/7 Other parameters and products
HY-2 satellite data application product CGMS-36-CNSA-WP-05 24/02/2017
Preconvective sounding analysis using IASI and SEVIRI CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-26 24/02/2017
Update on Operational Analysis of the Tropical Cyclone at KMA CGMS-36-KMA-WP-06 24/02/2017
Update on Thorpex CGMS-36-WMO-WP-06 24/02/2017
Update on R/SSC-CM CGMS-36-WMO-WP-07 24/02/2017
WCRP and WWRP/THORPEX: the Year of Tropical Convection (YOTC) CGMS-36-WMO-WP-25 24/02/2017
G.II/8 Coordination of code forms for satellite data
Report on the Task Force on codes CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-27 24/02/2017
RARS coding summary CGMS-36-WMO-WP-09 24/02/2017
G.II/9 WMO Core Metadata profiles within the context of ISO 19115, geographic Metadata
Software Tools Useful for Image Enhancements and Analysis: Update on HYDRA CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-23 24/02/2017
G.II/10 Conclusion and preparation of WG report
G.III Contingency Planning
G.III/0 Introduction
WMO input to Working Group III CGMS-36-WMO-WP-10 24/02/2017
G.III/1 Revised GOS baseline for geostationary satellites
G.III/2 CGMS Global Contingency Plan for geostationary orbit
G.III/3 Revised GOS baseline for polar-orbiting satellites
NOAA Report on Global Positioning System (GPS) Radio Occultation Measurements CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-22 24/02/2017
NOAA Table of Polar-orbiting Satellite Equator Crossing Times and Frequencies CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-24 24/02/2017
G.III/4 CGMS Contingency plan for operational oceanographic satellites
The contribution of global ocean observation of continuity CGMS-36-CNSA-WP-04 24/02/2017
G.III/5 GCOS Climate Monitoring IGL
G.III/6 Conclusion and preparation of WG report
G.IV Global Data Dissemination by Satellite
G.IV/0 Introdcution
G.IV/1 Data Dissemination from meteorological satellites
Access to Fengyun Satellite Data CGMS-36-CMA-WP-10 24/02/2017
Report on the Task Force on codes CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-27 24/02/2017
The EUMETSAT Earth Observation Portal CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-29 24/02/2017
Update on COMS Data Service Plan and Ground System at Meteorological Satellite Center of KMA CGMS-36-KMA-WP-03 24/02/2017
Direct Readout Beyond 2015 CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-28 24/02/2017
Current Status of the GOES LRIT Service CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-29 24/02/2017
G.IV/2 Advanced Dissemination Methods
Report on GEONETCast CGMS-36-EUMETSAT-WP-11 24/02/2017
Update on Global RARS Network CGMS-36-WMO-WP-11 24/02/2017
G.IV/3 Global data exchange
G.IV/4 Integrated Global Disseminiation Service (IGDDS) development
Update on GEONETCast Americas CGMS-36-NOAA-WP-27 24/02/2017
Update on IGDDS CGMS-36-WMO-WP-12 24/02/2017
G.IV/5 Conclusion and preparation of WG report


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