The Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites

CGMS-37 agenda

  • Plenary day 1
Updated: 24/02/2017
A Introduction
A.1 Welcome
A.2 Election of Chairperson
A.3 Adoption of Schedule
A.4 Nomination of Drafting Committee
A.5 Review of Action Items
CMA Review of Action Items CGMS-37-CMA-WP-01 24/02/2017
Status of ESA Actions CGMS-37-ESA-WP-04 24/02/2017
Review of actions items CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-01 24/02/2017
EUMETSAT input to satellite tables CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-02 24/02/2017
Review of Action Items CGMS-37-JMA-WP-01 24/02/2017
Review of Action Items CGMS-37-KMA-WP-01 24/02/2017
Review of CGMS-36 Action Items CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-01 24/02/2017
B Report of the Status of Current Satellite Systems
B.1 Polar Orbiting Meteorological Stellite Systems
Status of CMS Polar-orbiting Meteorological Satellites CGMS-37-CMA-WP-02 24/02/2017
Status of EUMETSAT Polar System (EPS) CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-03 24/02/2017
Polar Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellites CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-02 24/02/2017
Current Status of Jason-2 and planned activities for the Jason-3 Program CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-37 24/02/2017
B.2 Geostationary Meteorological Stellite Systems
Status of CMS Operational Geostationary Satellite CGMS-37-CMA-WP-03 24/02/2017
Status of the Meteosat System CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-05 24/02/2017
Status and Plan of Mutli-functional Transport Sateliite (MTSAT) CGMS-37-JMA-WP-02 24/02/2017
Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-03 24/02/2017
B.3 Research and Development Staellite Systems
Status of Current ESA Earth Observation Missions CGMS-37-ESA-WP-01 24/02/2017
A Quality Assurance Framework for Earth Observation: Operational guidelines CGMS-37-ESA-WP-06 24/02/2017
Update on the Status of JAXA's current Satellite Systems CGMS-37-JAXA-WP-01 24/02/2017
B.4 Other LEO Satellites
B.5 Spacecraft anomalies from solar and other events
Report on spacecraft anomalies from solar events CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-06 24/02/2017
Anomalies from Solar Events CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-04 24/02/2017
NOAA Planning for Operational Solar Wind Monitoring and Coronal Mass Ejection Monitoring Imaging CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-39 24/02/2017
C Report on Future Satellite Systems
C.1 Future Polar Orbiting Meteorological Satellite Systems
Plans for Post-EPS CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-08 24/02/2017
EUMETSAT contributions to GMES CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-11 24/02/2017
Future Polar orbiting Meteorological Satellite Systems CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-05 24/02/2017
NOAA's approach to providing climate data Records (CDR's) CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-19 24/02/2017
Update on IGEOLab and HEO project CGMS-37-WMO-WP-11 24/02/2017
C.2 Future Geostationay Meteorological Satellite Systems
Status of preparations for MSG-3 and MSG-4 CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-09 24/02/2017
Plans for Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-10 24/02/2017
EUMETSAT contributions to GMES CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-11 24/02/2017
Plans for Follow-on Stallites to MTSAT-2 CGMS-37-JMA-WP-03 24/02/2017
Update on COMS Program CGMS-37-KMA-WP-02 24/02/2017
Tentative Plans for Follow-on Satellites to COMS CGMS-37-KMA-WP-05 24/02/2017
Future Geostationary Meteorological Satellite Systems CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-06 24/02/2017
C.3 Future resarch and Developement Satellite Systems
Status of the Future ESA Earth Observation Missions CGMS-37-ESA-WP-02 24/02/2017
Update on the Status of JAXA's Future Satellite Systems CGMS-37-JAXA-WP-02 24/02/2017
C.4 Future other LEO Satellites
EUMETSAT contributions to GMES CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-11 24/02/2017
EUMETSAT activities on ocean monitoring CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-12 24/02/2017
C.5 Future HEO or combinations of LEO and GEO Missions
Global Space-based Intercalibration System (GSICS) Progress Report CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-07 24/02/2017
D Operational Continuity and Reliability
D.1 Global planning, including orbital positions and reconfiguration of the space-based component of the
Dossier on the space -based GOS CGMS-37-WMO-WP-10 24/02/2017
Vision of the GOS for 2025 CGMS-37-WMO-WP-12 24/02/2017
D.2 Inter-regional contingency measures
D.3 Long-term global contingency planning
E Satellite Requirements of WMO and IOC
E.1 WMO programmes amd projects
WIGOS CGMS-37-WMO-WP-13 24/02/2017
Sustained Coordinated Processing of Environmental Satellite Data Climate Monitoring (SCOPE-CM) CGMS-37-WMO-WP-14 24/02/2017
E.2 GCOS and other joint programmes and projects
EUMETSAT activities on climate monitoring CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-13 24/02/2017
Introduction of the Pilot Project to develop Support for NMHSs in Satellite Data, Products and Training in WMO RA II Region CGMS-37-JMA-WP-07 24/02/2017
Introduction of the Pilot Project to Develop Support for NMHSs in Satellite Data, Products and Training in WMO RA II region CGMS-37-KMA-WP-18 24/02/2017
GCOS and Satellite Activities for Climate Monitoring CGMS-37-WMO-WP-16 24/02/2017
Outcome of the Third World Climate Conference (WCC-3) CGMS-37-WMO-WP-17 24/02/2017
E.3 IOC Programmes
Oceanographic Information Provided by ESA Missions CGMS-37-ESA-WP-03 24/02/2017
F Interaction with GEO
F.1 Contributions of meteorological satellites to the Societal Benefit Areas
F.2 (SBAS)
G Working Group Reports
G.1 Reports form the Working Groups
H Other Items of Interest
H.1 Training
Report on EUMETSAT Training Activities CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-16 24/02/2017
The 3rd International Training Course on the Analysis of COMS Data in Korea CGMS-37-KMA-WP-16 24/02/2017
KMA's Plan for Participating in the Virtual Laboratory CGMS-37-KMA-WP-17 24/02/2017
NOAA Support for the CGMS Virtual Laboratory Focus Group CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-08 24/02/2017
Virtual Laboratory Matters CGMS-37-WMO-WP-18 24/02/2017
H.2 Information
EUMETSAT conferences and publications CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-17 24/02/2017
WMO-CGMS web pages CGMS-37-WMO-WP-19 24/02/2017
H.3 Any other business
Proposed fact sheet on GSICS/CGMS CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-19 24/02/2017
Radio-Occultation Working Group CGMS-37-WMO-WP-20 24/02/2017
WMO activities on Space Weather CGMS-37-WMO-WP-21 24/02/2017
International Polar Year and Follow-on Stallite Activities CGMS-37-WMO-WP-22 24/02/2017
I Final Session
I.1 Nomination of CGMS Representatives at WMo, CEOS and other meetings
I.2 Nomination of Chairperson of Working Groups for CGMS-38
I.3 Summary List of Actions from CGMS-37
I.4 Approval of Draft Final Report
I.5 Date and place of next meeting
G.I Telecommunications
G.I/0 Introduction
G.I/1 Coordination of frequency allcoations: SFCG, ITU and WRC activities
Preliminary Consideration on FY-4 Frequency Network CGMS-37-CMA-WP-04 24/02/2017
EUMETSAT Report on Frequency Management topics CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-20 24/02/2017
Update of the status of the coordinated use of the DCP band CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-21 24/02/2017
Technical Input to the SFCG and ITU-R CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-09 24/02/2017
Frequency Management Issues CGMS-37-WMO-WP-01 24/02/2017
G.I/2 Telecommunication techniques
MTG mission data downlink in K/a-Band: Summary results of the atmospheric propagation effects in the downlink availability CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-22 24/02/2017
G.I/3 Coordination of International Data Collection & Distribution
G.I/3.1 Status and Problems of IDCS
Status and Plan of Mutli-functional Transport Sateliite (MTSAT) CGMS-37-JMA-WP-02 24/02/2017
G.I/3.2 Ships, including ASAP
G.I/3.3 Dissemination of DCP messages (GTS or other means)
G.I/4 Future use of IDCS
Status of the International Data Collection System (IDCS) CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-10 24/02/2017
G.I/5 Search and Rescue (S&R)
G.I/6 Review of actions, conclusion and preparation of WG report
G.II Satellite Products
G.II/0 Introduction
G.II/1 Image processing techniques
G.II/2 Satellite Data Calibration and Validation
Update on GSICS activities at NSMC CGMS-37-CMA-WP-05 24/02/2017
Progress on optical calibration of FY-3A payloads CGMS-37-CMA-WP-06 24/02/2017
Description of ESA's Sensor Performance, Products and Algorithms Monitoring CGMS-37-ESA-WP-05 24/02/2017
CEOS Working Group on Calibration and Validation Organisation and current activities CGMS-37-ESA-WP-07 24/02/2017
GSICS scientific and data management achievements 2008/2009 CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-23 24/02/2017
Instrument characterisation of current and future LEO and GEO satellites CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-24 24/02/2017
JMA's GSICS and SCOPE-CM Activities CGMS-37-JMA-WP-04 24/02/2017
KMA's GSICS Activities CGMS-37-KMA-WP-06 24/02/2017
NOAA Report on Satellite Calibration Anomalies CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-11 24/02/2017
GSICS Correction Algorithm for Geostationary Imagers CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-12 24/02/2017
Intercomparison of Geostationary Observations with AIRS and IASI CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-13 24/02/2017
Recommendation for Instrument Performance Monitoring Website CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-14 24/02/2017
Report om Instrument Characterisation of the Imager and Sounder Instruments in Polar and Geostationary Orbit CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-15 24/02/2017
Report on Community Direct Broadcast Software Processing Packages CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-16 24/02/2017
A description of NOAA's Processes for Product Development, Verification and Implementation Into Operations CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-17 24/02/2017
GSICS Pilot Project for WIGOS CGMS-37-WMO-WP-02 24/02/2017
G.II/3 Vertical sounding and ITWG matters
Progress on FY-3A atmospheric sounding data assimiliation CGMS-37-CMA-WP-07 24/02/2017
Current Status of the Satellite Data Assimilation in KMA CGMS-37-KMA-WP-07 24/02/2017
Development of IDEA products for GOES-R Aerosol Data CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-18 24/02/2017
Recalibration of the AMSU-A Sensor for climate applications CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-20 24/02/2017
G.II/4 Precipitation and IPWG matters
Current Status on Microwave Sensor Application and GPM Activity in KMA/NIMR CGMS-37-KMA-WP-13 24/02/2017
G.II/5 Atmospheric Motion Vectors and IWWG matters
CGMS AMV intercomparisons using MSG image data (IWWG) CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-26 24/02/2017
Improvements to EUMETSAT AMVs and preleminary impact on NWP CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-27 24/02/2017
Preparation of and recommendations for the 10th Intenational Winds Workshop CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-31 24/02/2017
current Status of atmospheric Motion Vector at KMA CGMS-37-KMA-WP-10 24/02/2017
G.II/6 Cloud and Dust related parameters
FY-3A aerosol product and its application CGMS-37-CMA-WP-08 24/02/2017
EUMETSAT product development approach CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-28 24/02/2017
Update on operational analysis of Asian Dust at KMA CGMS-37-KMA-WP-11 24/02/2017
Current State of Atmospheric Motion Vector (AMV) Algorithm development at NOAA/NESDIS in Preparation for the Future GOES-R Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-22 24/02/2017
DLR World Data Centre on Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere CGMS-37-WMO-WP-03 24/02/2017
Satellite needs of the Sand and Dust Storm Warning Advisory and Assessment System (SDS-WA) CGMS-37-WMO-WP-04 24/02/2017
G.II/7 Other parameters and products
FY-3A aerosol product and its application CGMS-37-CMA-WP-08 24/02/2017
FY-3A Ocean colour product and its application CGMS-37-CMA-WP-10 24/02/2017
Assessment of the specification of relevant MTG channels for fire monitoring CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-29 24/02/2017
MSG data and products as prototype for the MTG Imager CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-30 24/02/2017
Sea-ice Motion Vector Product at MSC of JMA CGMS-37-JMA-WP-06 24/02/2017
Update on Operational Analysis of the Tropical Cyclone at KMA CGMS-37-KMA-WP-08 24/02/2017
Current Status of Weather Support for Nowcasting and very short Range Forecast CGMS-37-KMA-WP-09 24/02/2017
Operational Analysis of fog Detection at KMA CGMS-37-KMA-WP-12 24/02/2017
Plan for Providing the SST Data from COMS into GHRSST International Framework at KMA/NIMR CGMS-37-KMA-WP-14 24/02/2017
GOES-R Algorithm Development CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-24 24/02/2017
NOAA Report on Global Positioning System (GPS) Radio Occultation Measurements CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-25 24/02/2017
The NOAA Product Validation System (NPROVS) and Environmental Data Graphical Evaluation (EDGE) Interface CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-26 24/02/2017
G.II/8 Review of actions, conclusion and preparation of WG report
G.III Contingency Planning
G.III/0 Introduction
G.III/1 Revised GOS baseline for geostationary satellites
G.III/2 CGMS Global Contingency Plan for geostationary orbit
The Use of NPOESS Ground Infrastructure to Improve the Timeliness of Metop Data CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-30 24/02/2017
G.III/3 Revised GOS baseline for polar-orbiting satellites
Curent Status of Research and Development Activities on GNSS radio Occultation in Korea CGMS-37-KMA-WP-15 24/02/2017
NOA table of Polar-orbiting satellite Equator Crossing Times and Frequencies CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-27 24/02/2017
G.III/4 Contingency considerations for oceangraphic and climate satellites
G.III/5 Review of actions, conclusion and preparation of WG report
G.IV Global Data Dissemination
G.IV/0 Introduction
G.IV/1 Data Dissemination from meteorological satellites
Update on COMS Data Service Plan CGMS-37-KMA-WP-03 24/02/2017
Current Status of COMS Ground System at National Meteorological Staellite Center of KMA CGMS-37-KMA-WP-04 24/02/2017
An overview of the GOES-R System CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-33 24/02/2017
Current Status of the GOES LRIT Service CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-35 24/02/2017
G.IV/2 Advanced Dissemination Methods
G.IV/3 Global data exchange
G.IV/4 Intergrated Global Dissemination Service (IGDDS) development
GEONETCast Status Report CGMS-37-EUMETSAT-WP-15 24/02/2017
Update on the GEONETCast Americas CGMS-37-NOAA-WP-32 24/02/2017
Update on IGDDS CGMS-37-WMO-WP-06 24/02/2017
Contribution to WIS operation and implementation CGMS-37-WMO-WP-07 24/02/2017
Update on RARS CGMS-37-WMO-WP-08 24/02/2017
G.IV/5 Coordination of code forms for satellite data
Update on satellite data code forms CGMS-37-WMO-WP-09 24/02/2017
G.IV/6 Review of actions, conclusion and preparation of WG report


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