CGMS-48 plenary session

Meeting information

25-26 August 2020
virtual (via WebEx)
hosted by EUMETSAT


The two-day plenary session of CGMS-48 will be held virtually on 25-26 August 2020 from UTC 10:30-15:10 on both days.

The meeting is open to CGMS members and observers and invited guests/experts (following nominations by Heads of CGMS members).

In view of the virtual meeting, CGMS members have agreed to shortening the plenary agenda. The revised plenary agenda will be made available by end June 2020.


Deadlines for plenary:

List of working paper titles: 24 July 2020

Working paper submission: 3 August 2020

Presentation submission: 12 August 2020

Meeting registration: 14 August 2020 (meeting registration will open soon)

Guides and templates - working papers and presentations


The preceding CGMS-48 working groups took place on 25-29 May 2020, whose conclusions can be found here.