Working Group IV (WG IV): Support to end users


CGMS Working Group IV on global data dissemination was created in 2001 (at the time called Integrated strategy for data dissemination from meteorological satellites). The current CGMS agency participation in WGIV correspond to EUMETSAT, China (CMA), India (IMD), Japan (JMA), Federal Republic of Korea (KMA), USA (NOAA), Russia (ROSHYDROMET) and WMO.

WG IV Co-chairs: Vasily Asmus, ROSHYDROMET/Hiroshi Kunimatsu, JMA

WG IV Rapporteur: Klaus-Peter Renner, EUMETSAT

Scope of Working Group IV

CGMS WG IV provides a regular forum for CGMS agencies to address topics of interest in areas related to data access in general and the contribution to the WMO Information System (WIS). Not within the scope of WG IV are The Working Group addresses issues related to data dissemination systems, data formats and metadata exchange, and it also deals with the user interfaces and data access. As concerns direct readout systems and Regional Retransmission Systems, these are handled by WG I.



Objectives of Working Group IV

WG IV has the following objectives:

1) To support the user-provider dialogue on regional/continental scales;
2) To support the implementation of sustained and coordinated communication satellite broadcast systems;
3) To support the use of the WMO Information System (WIS) infrastructure for data provision and discovery;
4) To increase access to R&D and pre-operational mission data;
5) To analyse the extension of coordinated dissemination services for additional user communities;
6) To support the development of efficient standardised data handling for high-resolution imaging and hyper-spectral instruments;
7) To coordinate metadata for satellites and instruments;
8) To support the evolution and promote harmonisation of data access portals; and
9) To address topics from the CGMS High Level Priority Plan within the scope of WG IV.


Terms of Reference of Working Group IV - CGMS-46-CGMS-WP-18 v2