CGMS-WMO Task Force on Meta Data

During CGMS-40 in 2012, CGMS members strongly recommended an increased involvement from the satellite data providers in the WMO Information System (WIS). As a resulting action, it was decided to create a CGMS-WMO Task Force on Metadata implementation allowing satellite providers to provide consolidated views on metadata definition. (Terms of Reference). The main goals of the Task Force is to address and coordinate the development of relevant WIS metadata records authorising users to efficiently discover satellite products in the WIS catalogues and promote this interests of satellite data providers users as WIS users. Work started end of 2014 and documentation resulting from meetings is available here. Outcomes such as the creation of the documentation to create satellite WIS metadata records and other documents to promote the view of satellite data providers started to be released in spring 2015. The following documents have been produced by CGMS: