General Publications




CEOS-CGMS Space Agency response to GCOS Implementation Plan, v.2 Oct/Nov, 2017 Download
CGMS-CEOS report on non-meteorological applications for next generation geostationary satellites 19 Aug, 2016 Download
CGMS High Level Priority Plan 2017-2021 4 July, 2017 Download
5-year strategy CGMS Virtual Laboratory (VLab) 21 Apr, 2015 Download
Strategy towards an Architecture for Climate Monitoring from Space 26 May, 2013 Download
CGMS brochure 31 Oct, 2012 Download
High-level recommendations on CGMS restructuring 07 Sep, 2012 Download
CGMS baseline for the operational contribution to the WMO Global Observing System (GOS) 6 Oct, 2011 Download
CGMS Charter 24 May, 2011 Download
Consolidated Report of CGMS Activities (2003) 26 Jan, 2011 Download
Consolidated Report of CGMS Activities April 1989 Download