Direct Broadcast

The polar orbiting meteorological satellites, operated by the CGMS agencies, offer users worldwide the opportunity to receive in real time the observations collected by the satellite instruments. To acquire the direct broadcast data, the user needs a local reception system, capable of tracking the satellite when in visibility of the station and processing the acquired data to data products for use by weather forecasters and Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) applications. 


Manufacturers and operators of direct broadcast reception stations for the polar orbiting satellites critically depend upon support from the satellite operating CGMS agencies. This includes the coordination and the provision of technical specification of the direct broadcast, orbit information, software packages for product processing, auxiliary operational data for instrument processing as well as operational coordination.


CGMS is coordinating this support, primarily through the Direct Broadcast Services: LRPT/AHRPT Global Specification and CGMS Agency Best Practices in support to Local and Regional Processing of LEO Direct Broadcast data.