The Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites



Document and presentation submission deadlines for all CGMS-52 working groups:

- Provision of Working Papers titles and agency action status to the CGMS Secretariat - 15 March 2024
- Provision of Working Papers to the CGMS Secretariat - 2 April 2024

- Provision of presentations to the CGMS Secretariat - 16 April 2024


Document and presentation submission deadlines for CGMS-52 plenary session:

- Provision of Working Papers titles and agency action status to the CGMS Secretariat - 12 April 2024
- Provision of Working Papers and any actions or recommendations for plenary to the CGMS Secretariat - 14 May 2024

- Provision of presentations to the CGMS Secretariat - 27 May 2024

WP Titles: Please e-mail the list of titles of the Working Papers, whether there will be a Working Paper and/or a viewgraph presentation, Working Paper number and the corresponding agenda item where it will be presented.
WPs: Please submit the full Working Papers and/or presentations (in both word/.ppt and pdf formats) by e-mail to CGMS Secretariat (, clearly indicating the subject as "working paper/presentation submission for CGMS-xx". Please indicate in the email which Agenda item the document relates to. The CGMS Secretariat will then upload the documents online and a short confirmation e-mail will be sent when it has been made.

In case your presentation is larger than 25 MB please send it to us using the following Filedrop link: The Filedrop Service is a simple web interface that enables you to send large files by email, easy and secure. You have to simply enter the recipient email address and add your file.

Templates and guidelines: To access templates and information for preparing working papers and presentations for the meeting please use the links below:



Presentations shall be short and concise, supported by PowerPoint presentations when needed. Detailed working papers are requested to substantiate the PowerPoint presentation (for traceability and for the records but will not be reviewed in plenary). This is to allow for sufficient time for discussion.


Abstracts and proposals for actions and recommendations to be endorsed by plenary need to reach the CGMS Secretariat as per the given deadline.


Process for creating and/or updating CGMS good practices (BP)


The relevant CGMS working group or sub group prepares the good practice document until maturity has been reached for plenary endorsement and publication.

In preparation for the next plenary meeting and endorsement of the good practice, the following steps are necessary:

  1. The BP document (new or update) is created using the below template.
  2. A CGMS Working Paper is prepared describing the rationale for the BP including the BP text (new, or updated text shown with track changes) and is then presented to the relevant working group
  3. This WG discusses and updates the draft BP as necessary and presents it to plenary for endorsement
  4. Following plenary endorsement, the BP document is updated with any amendments proposed by plenary, and published on the CGMS website under publications.