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CGMS-47 agenda

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    Coordination Group
Updated: 11/08/2020
AGENDA - Plenary day 1
Thursday 23 May 2018, 08:30-17:45
Room: Ballroom
Chair: Vasily Asmus, Director, SRC Planeta/ROSHYDROMET, Co-chair: Alain Ratier, EUMETSAT Director-General/Head of CGMS Secretariat, Rapporteur: CGMS Secretariat, WG rapporteurs and session facilitators
08:30-08:40 1 OPENING SESSION [10'] A46.21
Welcome address by the Russian Federation; Prof. Vasily Asmus, Head of SRC Planeta/ROSHYDROMET [5']
Address by the Head of CGMS Secretariat- Mr. Alain Ratier, EUMETSAT Director-General [5']
Approval of the Agenda
Review of actions from CGMS-46
Status of CGMS-46 actions and recommendations (24 May 2019) CGMS-47-CGMS-WP-21 22/08/2019
Session facilitator: W. Balogh
3.1 WMO matters
3.1.1 WMO Space Programme status update [20'] A46.04
Update on WMO and WMO Space Programme status
(F. Belda)
PPT CGMS-47-WMO-WP-01 22/05/2019
3.1.2 Vision for WIGOS component systems in 2040 [15'] A46.16
Vision for WIGOS in 2040
(L. P. Riishojgaard)
PPT CGMS-47-WMO-WP-02 23/05/2019
3.1.3 OSCAR/Space sustainability and long-term continuity [20']
WMO OSCAR/Space: Maintenance and evolution
(F. Belda)
PPT CGMS-47-WMO-WP-03 22/05/2019
3.1.4 WMO-related issues on climate architecture [15']
WMO-related issues on climate architecture
(W. Balogh)
PPT CGMS-47-WMO-WP-04 23/05/2019
3.1.5 WMO Global Basic Observing Network - GBON [20']
WMO Global Basic Observing Network (GBON)
(L. P. Riishojgaard)
PPT CGMS-47-WMO-WP-06 23/05/2019
3.2 Public-private engagement
3.2.1 WMO policy framework for public-private sector engagement [10'] A46.04
WMO policy framework for public-private sector engagement
(L. P. Riishojgaard)
PPT CGMS-47-WMO-WP-05 23/05/2019
3.2.2 Update on the NOAA commercial weather data pilot (CWDP) project [10'] A46.04
Status of NOAA’s commercial engagement and Commercial Weather Data Pilot
(K. St. Germain)
PPT CGMS-47-NOAA-WP-02 19/05/2019
10:45-11:10 Group photo/Morning break
3.3 IOC-UNESCO matters A46.12, A46.21, R46.08, R46.09, R46.10
3.3.1 IOC-UNESCO and the global ocean community [30' incl. discussion]
Satellite data requirements for the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030)
(D. Halpern)
A46.12 PPT CGMS-47-IOC-UNESCO-WP-01 20/05/2019
Session facilitator: S. Burns
CMA [7']
Reports on new developments and programmes by Members since CGMS-46
(P. Zhang)
PPT CGMS-47-CMA-WP-01 24/05/2019
EUMETSAT development and plans since CGMS-46
(A. Ratier)
PPT CGMS-47-EUMETSAT-WP-01 21/05/2019
JMA [7']
JMA report on the status of current and future satellite systems
(K. Bessho)
PPT CGMS-47-JMA-WP-01 10/05/2019
KMA [7']
KMA Report on the status of current and future satellite
(D. Kim)
PPT CGMS-47-KMA-WP-01 22/05/2019
NOAA [7'] A46.09
NOAA Report on the Status of Current and Future Satellites
(S. Volz)
PPT CGMS-47-NOAA-WP-01 20/05/2019
Report on the status of current and future Russian satellite systems
(E. Tverdokhlebova)
IMD/ISRO [14']
IMD Agency Report
(V. Singh)
PPT CGMS-47-IMD-WP-01 23/05/2019
ISRO report on status of present and future satellites
(A. Varma)
PPT CGMS-47-ISRO-WP-01 21/05/2019
ESA [7']
Latest status and developments at ESA since CGMS-46
(S. Pinnock )
PPT CGMS-47-ESA-WP-01 21/05/2019
JAXA [7']
JAXA report on the status of current and future Earth observation program
(H. Tsuruma)
PPT CGMS-47-JAXA-WP-01 20/05/2019
NASA [7']
NASA report on the status of current and future Earth satellite systems
(J. Kaye)
PPT CGMS-47-NASA-WP-01 30/04/2019
13:05-14:05 Lunch break
14:05-17:45 5 WORKING GROUP REPORTS [200']
Session facilitator: WG rapporteurs (S. Burns, K. Holmlund, M. Goldberg, L-P Riishojgaard, K-P Renner, A. Monham)
5.1 Satellite systems and operations - report WGI [20']
Outcome and recommendations resulting from WGI discussions
(V. Griffin)
PPT CGMS-47-WGI-WP-01 21/05/2019
5.2 Data access and end user support - report WGIV [20']
Outcome and recommendations resulting from WGIV discussions
(K.-P. Renner)
PPT CGMS-47-WGIV-WP-01 23/05/2019
5.3 Operational continuity and contingency planning - report WGIII [60']
Revised Terms of Reference of WGIII for endorsement
(A. Mehta/P. Zhang)
A46.07 PPT CGMS-47-WGIII-WP-07 11/08/2020
Results of the first CGMS risk assessment
(A. Mehta)
A46.05 PPT CGMS-47-WGIII-WP-07a 11/08/2020
Outcome and recommendations resulting from WGIII discussions
(A. Mehta/P. Zhang)
A46.05 PPT CGMS-47-WGIII-WP-07b 11/08/2020
15:45-16:05 Afternoon break
5.4 Space Weather Coordination Group (session facilitator K. Holmlund/A. Monham) [40']
Need for an operational data exchange in support of ICAO SWxC [10']
(R. Romero (webex))
PPT CGMS-47-GUEST-WP-03 19/05/2019
Outcome and recommendations resulting from SWCG discussions [10']
(T. Nagatsuma/E. Talaat)
PPT CGMS-47-SWCG-WP-04 23/05/2019
Space weather - Discussion on operational role of CGMS
5.5 Satellite Data and Products (WGII) [20']
Outcome and recommendations resulting from WGII discussions
(D. Kim/W. Balogh)
PPT CGMS-47-WGII-WP-02 23/05/2019
5.6 Key results from 20th GSICS EP related to CGMS [10'] A46.08
Report on the "Annual state of the observing system"
(M. Goldberg)
PPT CGMS-47-GSICS-WP-02 23/05/2019
5.7 International Precipitation Working Group - IPWG [15]
Key results of IPWG-9 and coordination between IPWG and CGMS
(R. Ferraro)
PPT CGMS-47-IPWG-WP-02 20/05/2019
5.8 International Cloud Working Group - ICWG [15']
Key results of ICWG and coordination between ICWG and CGMS
(K. Meyer)
PPT CGMS-47-ICWG-WP-02 21/05/2019
17:45 End of plenary day 1


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